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Nevada and Utah Concealed Firearm Permits

Teamdigit Defensive Training has been providing quality Nevada CCW training for Nevada residents and non residents since 2004. 

Private one on one and semi private  group classes for Nevada and/or Utah CCW permits are scheduled based on the needs and time constraints of our clients.

Course Developer and Chief Instructor Kurt L. Gepke comes to you with more than 45 years experience as a licensed carrier of concealed firearms and was a former LEO and a former Law student.

Just about anyone can Google and read a Nevada Revised Statute. How many can decipher the "legalese"? 

We want you to understand what these laws mean and we explain them in plain English. 

Carrying a loaded firearm in public is not child play. It is serious business and one little mistake or slip of the tongue could cost a person their home and business and other assets as well as lead to incarceration.

We are not attorneys but we can help you achieve a better understanding of what the words actually mean and how they apply to us in everyday situations.

Concealed Firearms training is a crap shoot in Nevada. Unlike the State of Utah, Nevada has no standardized training curriculum. Each instructor petitions their respective sheriff with a course outline and syllabus and each sheriff in turn selects would be instructors based upon their individual qualifications and what they have submitted to the sheriff for approval.

Some instructors concentrate on which holster is best or how to draw quickly from concealment. Some have modern interactive laser games to play.

All well and good but none of that will keep you out of jail or help you make a life and death decision when seconds count and may make the difference between life and death. Especially if you don't have an understanding of when and where you can use deadly force in the state of Nevada.

That's what we concentrate on at Teamdigit Defensive Training. Making sure you have a clear understanding of the nuances of these laws. How they are intertwined. How they apply and how you learn to interpret some of these laws in the future on your own.

Don't pay for CCW permit training and only get half of what you need to know. 

Come see why so many have chosen Teamdigit Defensive Training over and over again. We are now seeing folks who are coming for their 3rd training session as Nevada CCW Permits are only valid for 5 years.

Please visit our Contact Page to schedule a class or submit a question about the permit process in Nevada and Utah.

Kurt L. Gepke is approved by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. and certified by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigations and is also a certified NRA Firearms Instructor for Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, and Personal Protection. He is also an NRA Range Safety Officer.


BLM (Federal public land) Land is used frequently to qualify applicants. There is NO FEE involved to use our public lands.


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